Skiptrace, asset searches, and other investigative services are offered at competitive rates.  Contact Us with any questions.  Know what you want?  Fill out the Order Form now.

Basic Skiptrace: $125
Basic Skiptraces include finding:

  • Witnesses.
  • Missing persons.
  • Insured parties, claimant(s).
  • Parties involved in automobile accidents.
  • Locating people you lost contact with.

Advanced Skiptraces (Difficult cases) $95/hour plus expenses
Advanced Skiptraces usually fit the following criteria:

  • Persons in transit with no permanent residence (freeloaders).
  • Persons dodging creditors.
  • Persons with active arrest warrants.

Basic Asset Searches*: $125
Basic asset searches include finding:

  • Real property.
  • Vehicles, boats, and airplanes.
  • Recorded Judgments, liens, and civil suits involving the subject.

Advanced Asset Searches are a basic search + current employment information. $175

*Some states may be subject to certain search limitations.

Other Investigations $95/hour plus expenses

  • Background checks.
  • Witness interviews.
  • Document research and retrieval.
  • Insurance fraud investigations.
  • Pre-trial investigations.

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